Describe an article that interests you and share with us your thoughts about it.

Posted: July 14th, 2022

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Part 1.
The Clinical Interview is an important initial step in the Assessment process.  Clinical psychologists use the Clinical Interview for a number of reasons.  Read the following article by clicking on the link below.  In particular, pay particular attention on how to assess special populations.  In addition, please read the additional learning resources in Week 4.
While the article briefly mentions children and adolescents as special populations, please identify at least one additional special population.  Then, provide a rationale of why you believe this group should have specialized clinical interview questions.  Finally, specify at least one question to ask this group in your answer.
Part 2.
We also need to examine how the DSM 5 and assessment intertwine. For example, the DSM 5 proposed a Section III  Multidimensional Personality Trait Model suggesting that the Big Five, the Five Factor Model of personality (FFM), are similar to the domains of personality psychopathology. Thus, a continuum is proposed and extreme scores on those “Big Five” scales represent psychopathology: Neuroticism vs. Emotional Stability, Detachment vs. Extroversion, Antagonism vs. Agreeableness, and Psychoticism vs. Lucidity (high neuroticism and high openness to experience).
Familiarize yourself with these dimensions by taking a sample of the Big Five test at: and also take and explore Dr. Phil’s very quick version:
Give us your thoughts about the validity and importance of these personality dimensions as diagnostic categories. The Big Five was not originally designed for that. Is this program a responsible suggestion or is the possible motive likely related to increased profit, the diagnosis and treatment of more customers? Where would you draw the “disordered” line on an individual’s score on each of these five dimensions? The Big Five is a normative measure so all one would need to make an official diagnosis is a number.
Actually, the DSM 5 introduced an expanded interpretation of the Big Five in terms of these dimensions  It may be informative for yourself and us if you shared your actual Big Five test results with us if you are willing to. However, it is definitely not at all a requirement.
Part 3.
a) Go to resources > Library and search for “The Big Five and mental health.” Describe an article that interests you and share with us your thoughts about it. Of course, we will need a reference so we can access it.  Please include the link in your post.  
b) Do a second search but this time search for Big Five and mental health and one of the five dimensions that interests you or a clinical syndrome that interests you (depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, etc.). Again, share with us your thoughts about it.
Please remember to respond to at least two fellow classmates.
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