Describe how your own experiences and style of dealing with loss may influence your clinical practice

Posted: July 13th, 2022

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**The goal of this assignment is for you to describe how your own experiences and style of dealing with loss may influence your clinical practice.**Please label each section of the assignment with underlined headings for each “Item”:
***Item 1: Using a Loss History Graph as an Assessment Tool
– Considering the broad definition of loss outlined in chapter 1 of: [McCoyd, J., & Walter, C. (2016). Grief and loss across the lifespan: A biopsychocial perspective (2nd edition). Springer Publishing Company.] Construct a loss history graph which represents the loss events in your life. It can be as simple as this:
– Loss at age four death of significant person divorce ______/_______________________/____________________________/_______
– Dates and any other significant information (be very detailed)
**If there are losses that you choose not to disclose, that is fine. The main goal is to learn to use the tool while thinking about how the losses in your life influence your clinical practice with individuals who are dealing with issues of grief and loss.**
**(If it is easier for you to list your losses as opposed to constructing a graph – please feel free to just list your losses with dates and any other significant information)**
***Item 2a: Describe your personal style of dealing with loss
*How have you coped with these events?
*How have the following influenced your coping style: -people around you? -your cultural background, ethnicity, religion? -your personal values, attitudes, and beliefs?

***Item 2b: Impact of Personal Experience on Clinical Practice
– How do you think that personal loss experiences (or the absence of them) have influenced your comfort level in working with others who are dealing with issues of grief and loss?
– How might your experiences have an impact on your work? -Do you think your experience will be helpful? -Do you think your experiences might hinder your work in some way?
– How might your own coping style influence the way you work with others?
***Item 3: Potential Challenges or Dilemmas
– Based upon your experiences or your personal belief system:
– Are there any specific issues or situations that might be challenging or difficult for you?
– Identify any value-oriented or ethical dilemmas related to grief and loss issues that may arise in your work.
*** Item 4: Coping Strategies / Identification of Resources
– Identify coping strategies and / or resources that could assist you in dealing with the dilemmas or challenges identified in Item 3.
***The PowerPoints below are the Summary of the content for this class (it should be used for context of the subject matter) (The PowerPoints should not be used as a reference)***

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