Describe possible next steps in your professional development as an HSPP.

Posted: July 1st, 2022

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Narrative Self Reflection Paper: A Valuable Professional Development Tool
Reflection in nature can take the form of light or a sound. A light or a sound echo reflecting on a river or lake signifies a bouncing back, a change of direction from its point of contact. Reflection of light or sound on water often evokes a pleasing experience of beauty. Reflection can also look like a person stepping out of their direct experience as a participant and looking at that experience from the point of view of an observer. Whether you identify with a light or sound wave from nature or a person changing how they participate in an experience from a participant to an observer, reflection provides a place to pivot and see an experience differently, often in a new, illuminated way.
For this Assignment, you will reflect on your cumulative experience in the BSHS program.
This Assignment helps you reflect on your academic course of study (both theoretical and practical) and how it applies to the professional practice of human services.
• Consider how self-reflection is a valuable professional development tool to assess individual strengths, identify areas of challenge, and note best practices.
• Reflect on the learning experiences you have had in your program and identify themes and areas that stand out to you.
• Assess what you have learned from your program and how that knowledge will inform your decision making as an Human Services Practitioner Professional (HSPP).
Submit a 2- to 3-page narrative self-reflection paper about your learning in the BS in Human Services program. Include the following components:
• Describe the learning you acquired throughout the program and identify where you grew and developed specifically.
o What knowledge was easy to understand?
o What required more thought and examination?
o What intrigued your interest and surprised you?
o What specific information stood out to you most and why?
o What do you want to know more about regarding your profession?
o What themes stood out to you?
o How might you use the knowledge you have acquired to inform the decisions and choices you will make as an HSPP?
o How might you make a difference in the lives of those you may serve in the human services field?
• Describe possible next steps in your professional development as an HSPP.
• Explain how you might advocate for social change in communities, organizations, and the lives of service users as an HSPP.

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