Describe the problem your intervention will address.

Posted: July 19th, 2022

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In order to design a public health program, public health officials  and collaborative partners first must define the problem, issue, or  situation and how the proposed program can meet the needs of the  population. For this assignment, select a public health issue impacting a  specific community and population.
To complete this assignment:
Identify the problem, issue, or situation.      

Provide a brief background on the selected public health problem or issue and the community and population selected.
Describe the problem your intervention will address.
Identify any cultural or societal influences or norms that may influence the health status of the population identified.

Utilize epidemiological statistics to profile for the targeted population.      

Describe the data source used to profile the target population.
Provide details on the issue prevalence,  incidence, and any other pertinent statistics about the issue impacting  the target population.
Apply epidemiological methods to the breadth of  settings and situations in public health practice. Compare local rates  to other county or state rates for that health problem or issue.
Identify the health status and risk factors for different racial or ethnic groups for that specific problem or issue.

Evaluate the available resources and the missing resources to address the health problem.      

Describe available resources, to include programs,  facilities, transportation, and educational materials to the selected  population within the chosen community and the importance of cultural  competence in communicating public health content.
Evaluate how these resources, or lack of available  resources, either assist in improving the health outcomes or are  integral in poor health outcomes for the selected population.

Identify community leadership stakeholders who would  be involved with implementing public health-related programs for this  specific problem or issue.      

Describe those who will serve as both the  stakeholders and gatekeepers of information and resources for this  selected health problem or issue.
Identify factors that enable access to these resources and information for the selected population.
Identify obstacles for accessing resources and  information for the selected population and how the stakeholders can  assist in breaking down barriers.

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