Describe the tools and skills you will need to achieve this goal.

Posted: July 13th, 2022

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The organization you work for as a director of leadership and learning is looking to create an adaptive leadership toolkit to help improve employee leadership skills and behaviors over the next two years. To begin this work, you conducted a personal leadership self-assessment to take a leadership inventory of yourself. Now that you know areas that you can improve upon as a leader, you decided to create a personal development plan that will identify actionable steps toward improving these areas you’ve identified. Your intensions are to incorporate your personal development plan into the adaptive leadership toolkit to serve as an exemplar that can be used by all people leaders in the organization.
Leadership behavior: Based on the results of your personal leadership self-assessment, describe the leadership behavior you scored lowest in and explain how developing this could have a positive impact on your ability to lead.
SMART Goal: Apply SMART goal setting to create a personal development plan that aligns with the leadership behavior you’re looking to improve. Keep in mind that your personal development plan will be used as an exemplar for the adaptive leadership toolkit in Milestone Two. Your SMART goal should address the following:
“S” Specific: Your goal must be specific.
i) State your personal development goal.
ii) Describe the reason for this goal.
iii) Describe the objective(s) needed to ensure this goal it met.
“M” Measurable: Your goal must be measurable.
i) Describe the metric(s) that will be used to determine if you meet this goal.
ii) Describe the metric(s) that will be used to measure performance of meeting objective(s) along the way.
“A” Achievable: Your goal must be achievable.
i) Describe the tools and skills you will need to achieve this goal.
ii) Describe who needs to be involved to allow you to be successful in achieving this goal.
“R” Relevant: Your goal must be relevant.
i) Explain how this goal can be linked to an overall business objective.
ii) Explain how this goal will increase your knowledge and improve your overall performance as a leader.
“T” Time-Bound: Your goal must be time bound.
i) Provide an overall timeline for the completion of this goal.
ii) Provide tangible deliverable(s) with due dates that support the objective(s) you indicated above.
Guidelines for Submission
Submit your answers by completing the provided template. If references are included in this assignment, cite them in APA format. Consult the Shapiro Library APA Style Guide for more information on citations.

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