Determine the strategies for addressing the dilemma, supporting this with rationality and data.

Posted: July 12th, 2022

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Identify a strategic dilemma your organization (United Stated Air Force; specifically, the field of aircraft maintenance) is facing and develop a plan for your organization’s success and development. Utilize the decision-making theories, approaches, strategies for how you will lead the implementation of this plan. In your strategic decision plan you will need to:
– Identify the dilemma the organization is facing.
– Determine the strategies for addressing the dilemma, supporting this with rationality and data.
– Create an implementation plan for improvements including the communication and framing strategies for implementation.
– Develop an evaluation plan for the strategies you are suggesting.
The focus should be on how you as a leader influence the strategic decision-making process for organizational improvements.
Strategic Decision Analysis Prompts:
Strategic decision analysis is used whether you’re taking your organization in a new strategic direction, developing a new product or service, making a major investment, or planning a project to solve important organizational issues.
There are certain questions that should be answered to set the stage for success…
– Are we addressing the right problem at the right level and with the right scope?
– Are our internal stakeholders aligned around the problem? Common problem understanding, objectives, benefits? Have we heard any differences among stakeholders?
– Have we considered truly creative and appropriate alternatives to develop a course of action?
– Have we developed a thorough understanding of the implications of our decisions?
– Are we aligned around our proposed course of action and on how it creates value?
The answers to these questions simply won’t fit in a form-field textbox. Instead, they require clear and creative thinking, multi-disciplinary input, and rigorous opportunity cost and benefit analysis.
Include each of the following components into your plan:
1. Executive Summary – Identify the issue(s) affecting the organization, succinctly convey the future direction, priorities, and impact.
2. Organizational/Situational Analysis:
2a. Examines the internal and external factors influencing the issue(s) the organization is facing along with the organization’s current capabilities.
2b. Provides the cost-benefit analysis (or other analysis) used to support the direction of the strategic decisions.
3. Goals, Priorities, and Strategies:
3a. Outlines the goals, priorities, and strategies to meet the mission.
3b. Provide overarching goals aligned with the mission of the organization
3c. Priorities, activities, objectives, strategies are in more depth, have more specificity – each goal could have a few different objectives/strategies associated with it.
Report Structure:
– Cover Sheet (title page)
– Executive Summary (approximately 2-3 paragraphs)
– Organizational/Situational analysis (approximately 2-4 pages and should include data visualizations)
– Goals, Priorities, and Strategies (approximately 2-3 pages)
– References
Locate a minimum of five quality academic sources that support your analysis and plan.
Course materials (must use as a reference):
Gladwell, Malcolm (2005). Blink The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.
Kahneman, Daniel, Sibony, Olivia, & Sunstein, Cass R. (2021). Noise A Flaw in Human Judgment

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