Develop a facts and assumptions information paper about a core issue

Posted: July 5th, 2022

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Homeland Security Capstone(HLS685-2203B-01)
Unit 2 – Individual Project
View Assignment Details for Unit 2 – Individual Project
Assignment Overview
Type: Individual Project
Unit: TSA Case Study: Practical Application of Intelligence, CIP, Technology and Policy
Deliverable Length: 2 pages
Assignment Details
Assignment Descriiption
Develop a facts and assumptions information paper about a core issue dealing with 1 of the following:
Vulnerability assessment and protection
The selected issue must have multiagency or multijurisdictional implications, and you must discuss its impact. You may build upon your problem statement paper that was submitted for Phase 1.
Your Phase 1 Problem Statement
The security threat risk has increased since the World Trade Centre attacks on September 11, 2011. The USA has learned a lesson from these attacks that more vigilance, posture and capability should be maintained to deal with the new risks and hazards. The main problem of homeland security equally addresses the existing intimidations and the outline required to generate a tactical reply. The QHSR classifies the standing of what we mention as the homeland security enterprise, which means the Centralized, Municipal, foreign, ethnic, regional, nongovernmental, and private-sector units, as well as personalities, relations, and societies who stake a shared nationwide awareness in the security of USA citizens.
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is one of the main gears of this nationwide initiative. In a few zones, like preserving the boundaries or handling the immigration structure, the Department also holds restricted proficiencies and obligations. In other areas, such as serious structure defense or emergency administration, the key role of this Department is to maintain the control and stewardship in place of those who have the competencies to get the work ended. In still other zones, such as counterterrorism, defense, and negotiation, other Federal subdivisions and interventions have serious characters and duties, including the Justice department, and State. Homeland security will only be enhanced when the distribution is fully leveraged and dispersed as the real creativity in achieving common motives (2022). The determination of this QHSR is to plan the calculated agenda to guide the actions of contestants in homeland security in the direction of a shared goal. Another institution which is dedicated to US Homeland security is the FBI. It is an important part of their duty, and they are making efforts to report violent misconduct nationally; the FBI and their associates make numerous significant detentions across the nation (“Mission – NYPD”, 2022). The foremost priority of the FBI is to protect the nation from terrorist attacks. The organization works with its associates to counteract terrorist lockups and workers in the United States, to help pull to pieces radical networks on an international level, and to cut off funding and other methods of provision provided to overseas terrorist establishments.
Another organization which looks after homeland security is NYPD, New York Police Department. The NYPD is the major and one of the primogenital civic police divisions in the United States, with roughly 36,000 officers and 19,000 citizen staff (“Terrorism | Federal Bureau of Investigation”, 2022). The main task of this organization is to improve the eminence of life expectancy in New York City by a partnership with the civic community to impose the commandment, reserve harmony, defend the individuals, lessen terror, and establish peace within the city.
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