Develop and perform a meaningful test plan and data.

Posted: September 22nd, 2022

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The team project is designed to highlight the main topics and concepts of this course. Your project is to analyze the pragmatic differences in how three different algorithms and/or data structures solve the same problem. Working in teams, you choose the subject of your project, code and profile the algorithms in Java, and analyze your results. Finally, you present your findings in a well-organized paper.
In order to succeed you need to complete the following tasks:
1. Choose a worthy programming problem that could by resolved using three different data structures and/or algorithms.
2. Properly code and present the three possible solutions.
3. Compare them based on efficiency, speed, and accuracy
4. Develop and perform a meaningful test plan and data.
5. Complete coding of the three proposed solutions in Java. Include all source code, classes, and test output
6. Present a formally written paper (APA format) which includes a detailed summary of all work. Include initial proposal, rationale for choices of Data structures and-or Algorithms, analysis of test results, and final observations. Minimum 10 pages
Analyze the results:
a. Be sure to show the differences between using the various data structures and/or algorithms in creating your solutions.
b. Present all source code, classes, test data, and results.
The Research and Library Tips page will help you properly cite sources using a consistent format, so that your academic integrity is not called into question. The evaluation of your writing will consider grasp of readings, depth of analysis, content organization, clarity of writing, vocabulary use, and proper grammar.
Please cite properly at the end of the page.

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