Discuss how you see yourself and your ideal life.

Posted: July 4th, 2022

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Career Research Paper
• From the syllabus: The research process will be a significant focus of the class, with assignments sequenced to build facility with integration of outside source
material using MLA format. Early assignments will involve work with one or two sources, building to a more substantial research project (parameters to be determined by individual faculty). Reminder: This essay’s grade is 17% of your
total course grade.
Guided Topic: Your Relationship with Work Explore your views of work and life. Supposedly most Americans “live to work” while
some other cultures “work to live.” What group are you in? Do you believe that your work will encompass most of your time and energy and should therefore be your main focus (“live to work”)? Or is it “work to live” and you will you be content with a job you
don’t love as long as you have time and money to enjoy other parts of life (family,
recreation, etc.)? Others choose the popular philosophy of work-life balance, but what would that look like for you?
This essay should have a clear introduction, body, and conclusion and should answer these questions in a flowing and natural style, like any essay. It is up to you to create a logical structure and order with topical paragraphs, but be sure your thesis (stated on
page 1 in paragraph 1) communicates if you will live to work, work to live, or a
mix of both. You must use the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Occupational Outlook Handbook plus any other academically credible outside sources. You will use MLA
style and citation within your essay’s paragraphs and include an MLA works cited page at the end.
Questions to consider in your essay–not a definite structure or order, but questions to answer. You will need to reflect and research before you start writing. Please answer the following questions in your essay:
***Chosen career field is Computer Science***
***Please Cited at least one source from The U.S. Department of Labor’s career handbook website
1. A. Your thesis should state if you will be living to work, working to live, or a mix of both, i.e. a work/life balance. This appears in the first paragraph.
B. Discuss how you see yourself and your ideal life. Early in your essay, share the career path you hope to take. What is your major? Why? Be specific.
2. Research your chosen career. What specific requirements must you meet to pursue this career? What education do you need? How is your time at ACC part of this plan? What does the average workday and week look like with duties and hours? What is the average salary? Will you need to live in a certain region or city to do this job? Each student will use The U.S. Department of Labor’s career handbook website to find this career information, but you may also use other credible sites or sources to find answers.
3. Please mention your personality traits, gifts/talents, job interests, desired salary, where you want to live, how much free time you would like, etc. (Example of traits: Do you want to deal with the public, or are you an introvert and like working alone?) This
might take more than one paragraph.
4. What influences have shaped your views of work? Do family, friends, and other people impact your views? Do you agree with what you’ve been taught about work?
5. Does your chosen career allow you to use your gifts/talents, earn the money you want, live where you want, etc.? If your desires and the job realities do not line up, how will you deal with that? What are you willing to sacrifice? How likely is it that you will be a good fit at your job or even get employed?
6. If you take this path, how will you be “living to work,” or “working to live?” Will your job fulfill you and require your passion and attention, or are you hoping to earn a living but mainly focus on life outside of work? Or, do you desire a combination of the two approaches, often called the work/life balance?
7. Did this paper lead to any new discoveries? Again, it is up to you to answer most of these questions in a logical order that flows well
in your own essay. It helps to do a prewriting activity (outlining, mapping, freewriting, etc.) before you begin, but students will still submit a brief outline to me in advance. For MLA citation directions, see ACC’s MLA guide or Purdue’s MLA webpage.

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