Discuss in detail

Posted: November 2nd, 2022

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Final Paper will be on Ashland Inc. (ASH) NYSE – Nasdaq Real Time Price. Currency in USD
105.92+3.00 (+2.91%) At close: October 28 04:00PM EDT
Paper Requirements:
Length: Minimum 10 pages, excluding cover page, table of contents, appendices,reference page, pictures, graphs, and any or all attachments. Paper must follow eitherMLA or APA format.
References: include all the outside sources that you consulted in completing this project
in the format of either MLA or APA. These sources include books, academic articles, newspaper clippings, on-line sources, and/ or interviews, etc.
Appendices: Attach supporting materials or analyses such as spreadsheet models,
diagrams, graphs, statistics of value chain, forces, etc.
Margins: 1” margins (left, right, top, & bottom
Paper Size: 8.5” x 11.0”
Font Size: 12-point
Double spaced for all text (except for tables, references, or quotations)
Page numbers: pages numbered in the upper right
In this assignment, you are expected to include citations to relevanttheories and concepts. You should have a minimum of three externalreferences not including the textbook and lecture presentations.o References may be Company’s annual report, books,articles from technical journals (such as the Journal ofBusiness Research or professional periodicals (such asBusiness Week), or business journals (such as HarvardBusiness Review or Organizational Dynamics).o It is not acceptable to use opinion websites (e.g., blogs,Wikipedia, ask.com, and the like) as references.o I will submit each paper to a software that matches thecontent against internet and publications to determine thepercentage of copy and paste. So, please use in-text citationto specify where you obtained your information.
You can find more information about the APA and the
MLA formats at the following website: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/a…
Content, Structure, & Rubric:
Your paper MUST have proper format and structure based on either MLA or APA format. Paper
must have distinct sections as stated below with bold headings. A poorly formatted paper which
lack bold headings and subheadings will lose substantial points.
Under each section with bold heading, you must have subheadings. For example, under the
“Introduction” heading you must have “Company History” subheadings and then followed by
“Company Statistics” subheading then followed by “Company Sales & Revenues” subheadings.
This will apply to all four sections below:
1. Cover page & Correctly formatted plus Table of contents (0.5 points)
2. Introduction: (3 points)
Company History (Origin, founder(s), date, circumstances, etc.)
Company Statistics: (Size, divisions, number of employees, locations, etc.)
Company Sales and revenue for the last 5 years
3. Analysis: (3 points) Mission, vision, and value statements.
External analysis (Opportunity & threats, PESTEL, Porter’s five forces, strategic
group, etc)
Internal Analysis (Strength & weaknesses, core competencies, resources
(tangible & intangible), capabilities, VRIO framework, etc.
SWOT table and SWOT analysis
4. Formulation: (3 points)
Identify Company’s current Business Strategy in detail (Low cost,
differentiation, blue ocean, innovation, a combination or something different).
Discuss in detail
Identify Company’s current Corporate Strategy in detail (Vertical Integration,
Diversification, Geographic scope, combination or something different)
5. Discussion & Conclusion: ( 2 points) Your interpretation and assessment of the
overall strategy. You should discuss your finding and provide an opinion based
on what you have learned in the course and your overall business knowledge as a
MGMT 450 student. This section will be a reflection of your knowledge and
business acumen.
6. References. (0.5 points)

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