Discuss the differences between competitors and complementors

Posted: September 14th, 2022

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For this week’s assignment, you have the task of writing both good news and bad news. When writing good news, remember to use the direct approach; however, when writing the bad news, use indirect approach. A single upload is fine, as long as each memo starts on a new page. You are welcomed to use the attached template, or you may use a different template. After your assignment is uploaded, please click on “View Feedback” to verify that the formatting was not altered. If necessary, please correct and resubmit. Similarity scores must be 25% or less. If similarity score exceeds 25%, revise and resubmit by the due date. Remember to adhere to formatting guidelines, including margins and spacing (please refer to memo layout sample
Use Times Roman Numeral, Courier New, or Arial.
Left justify memo and use 1-inch margin.
Use correct headings (You may use caps, bold font, and double-space):Date:               Write out month completely
To:                   Reader’s names and job titles
From:               Your name and job title
Subject:           Be specific and concise
Do not use salutation.
Memo must be single-spaced (except for headings); leave a space between each paragraph.
Do not indent paragraphs.
No need to use complimentary close or signature block.
Reference your sources (Links to an external site.)
Bullets and Headings (PDF)Actions
Scenario (Good News)
As the Sales Manager for ABZ Corporation, it is your pleasure to announce that your department has been awarded a grant for outstanding sales. Determine the amount of the grant and the specific criteria for selection.  Discuss the differences between competitors and complementors Use the direct approach.
Scenario (Bad News)
Due to Covid-19, ABZ Corporation will have to lay-off or furlough some employees. Write a memo to the employees explaining this scenario. Use the indirect approach.

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