Discuss the effectiveness of the campaign and why it was developed.

Posted: September 22nd, 2022

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Pitch/Presentation 3: Final Presentation to Client
Please note due date on syllabus
The FINAL Presentation is your pitch to the client to win their business for the agency. Your presentation will be a PPT slide pitch that capsulizes the Integrated Marketing Campaign your team is proposing.
One member of your team will upload the pitch and then will share your screen and the rest of the class will be prepared to provide insightful input at the end of your presentation.
Campaign Overview:
PROBLEM: Overview Campaign Strategy
TACTICS: Action plan on how to implement the strategy
What are the key concept ideas that the team is proposing?
How will you be implementing these concepts?
What is the timeline for the campaign? When does it start and how long will the strategy be in place?
Show examples of Creative Execution, Public Relations, and Experiential Marketing
What is the proposed estimated budget to apply the campaign?
Note: This campaign overview will include, for the client’s benefit, a brief presentation of creative brief, strategy, style guide, message strategy, promotional mix including PR angle.
You will not present every details from pitches 1 and 2 – rather an overview that will give them a good overview of the campaign, its elements, look-and-feel, etc.
Experiential Marketing Strategy:
Design an event to launch your campaign that will bring your brand major visibility and directly reach your target customers with an idea that concerns/is relevant to them. The integrated event strategy can include sponsorships, CSR, parties, personal appearances, GWP, contests or ….?. It can be a national or an all store/regional strategy.

Use your imagination and be creative, keeping your target customer in mind. It must contain at least 8 elements such as catering plans, gift bag, special guests, décor, entertainment, media sponsor or charity component, etc. with specific experiential details and descriiptions that can be easily visualized.

Visual Presentation Strategy:
This strategy should be used to showcase product either in store, pop-ups or trade show displays as a major element of your experiential event design. It must contain at least 5 elements with specific details and descriiptions of a window, entrance or interior retail display with specific signing or focal point. These promotional elements, theme, colors, props, etc. should reflect the creative message and campaign strategy developed in Pitch Two. Actual art and design is welcome.

SUMMARY: Recap/review of next steps and contact information

Final Presentation Pitch:
You cannot win the business without a great presentation!
Presentations should concisely state your knowledge of the brand/customers and why yours is the most effective campaign strategy or tactic.
Discuss the effectiveness of the campaign and why it was developed.
Present in an orderly and logical order.
PowerPoint Presentations:
Use strong relevant visuals designed around your brand identity.
Each slide should be professional and reader friendly
Use correct usage of terms learned in the classroom
Everything must be carefully edited and proofed
All material needs to be well written, free from grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors
View Rubric

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