Discuss the impact of four forces in your company.

Posted: November 5th, 2022

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This is a group presentation (3 or 4 students). Based on the Questions of Assignment Part-2, the presentation slides need to be prepared.
Maximum Grades: 12
Submission Due Date: 3/11/2022
Discuss the impact of four forces in your company. (4 marks)
Narrate the importance and application of Swarm intelligence in your business. (4 marks)
As per your business study, describe the digital operation model in detail (4 marks)
Discuss about the challenges of ‘Customer journey transformation’. Four Forces: customer behavior, technological change, business models and social impact. Guidelines for the Presentation:
(12 Marks = 6 Marks for submission & 6 Marks for Group oral presentation)
The presentation file(.ppt) must be prepared for the Questions of Part-2 and to be uploaded in the Blackboard before the Due date.
The oral presentation by the Group will be presented during WEEK -12.
Including the cover page, the presentation needs to have minimum 12 slides and can have until 15 slides.
The slides should contain only hint points and not paragraphs.
The slides could contain images, graphs and details with regard to the example companies.
Your file should be saved as Power Point file [Example]: [Your Website Name] [CRN] ECOM 425-Assignment Part 3.ppt

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