Discuss the importance of system monitoring.

Posted: January 24th, 2023

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This assignment is designed to allow you to display your mastery of the material and to provide you with a creative and realistic way to apply the knowledge and experience you gained.
Create a detailed, organized, and unified technical solution given the scenario described below. Your solution should draw on the content presented in the course. The outline below lists points/topics to cover. You are free to provide additional, related information. Provide technical and justification reasons for each choice, citing resources as appropriate.
Option #2: You work in the IT department for a software development firm. The firm is interested in setting up a server lab environment that requires a Windows Active Directory infrastructure.
This lab will require centralized management of user identity, resources, and data. The firm is interested in using this lab environment to create and test software that they develop for clients. The lab should also allow them to test other technical scenarios that concern the firm.
The firm is very interested in the new Container feature offered in Windows Server 2016. This will require the ability to use Containers to develop and test applications and software that the firm is working on.
The firm is also concerned about its ability to recover and continue business operations in the event of a major disaster. Therefore, the lab will be used to perform and test high availability and disaster recovery scenarios without having a major impact on software development and testing activities currently taking place in the lab.
Address each of the following topics in your plan:
Deployment and Server Editions
How many total servers are needed? Which roles will be combined?
What edition of Windows will be used for each server (e.g., Standard, Datacenter)?
Will Server Core be used on any servers?
Where are each of the servers located (which of the two sites)?
Active Directory
This environment should replicate a real production Active Directory environment.
Number of AD domains? Keep in mind that this is a test lab where a variety of scenarios will require testing. Make sure you discuss domain name design.
Will there be any Read-Only Domain Controllers? Explain why or why not.
How will AD organizational units be organized (considering how group policy will be used and users will be organized?
Discuss requirements for deploying Active Directory.
Discuss the role that containers play and how they can benefit the firm.
High Availability
How will clustering be utilized?
What role will load balancing play?
Discuss the role of Hyper-V and benefits.
How will Hyper-V high availability be achieved?
Disaster Recovery
What role will Windows Backup Server play?
Discuss backup strategies.
Is a third-party backup and recovery solution required?
How will Windows Server Update Services be utilized?
Discuss a plan to keep Servers updated and patched with minimal interruption to servers and services. Keep in mind, Microsoft issues patch and updates to its operating systems and software on the second Tuesday Links to an external site of each month. Your plan should be based on this schedule.
Discuss the importance of system monitoring.
Describe tools available for monitoring Windows Servers.
Include one Windows Server 2016 tool that is not included in the readings or text. This may require additional research.
Your paper should be 6-8 pages in length (not including diagrams) and conform to the standards in the CSU Global Writing Center Links to an external site.. Include at least one diagram illustrating your chosen Active Director design with DNS namespace hierarchy. Include no fewer than three scholarly references in addition to the course textbook, readings, and media. The CSU Global Library is a good place to find these references.

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