Discuss the Psychological climate of the community

Posted: January 24th, 2023

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*Important* Please read these assignment instructions carefully
You will be doing a community assessment. Please select your community/population wisely. You will need a significant amount of data to be successful in this project. You will use the Lundy-Barton General Systems Model for Community and Population Assessment and Intervention.
This can be found starting on page 61 of your textbooks. Moving to page 65 of your textbook you will find the outline of this model that you will use for your community assessment. it is highly recommended you review the Lundy-Barton General Systems Model in its entirety to ensure you will be able to gather all of the required data on your selected community/population.
It is permissible to change communities/populations mid-assignment if needed, but you will need to gather data from past assessments on your newly selected community/population if you do so as these assessments build up to your final project in this course.
If after significant effort, you are unable to locate an item on the rubric, you must say so in your submission and identify where/how you searched for the item/data, so I know that you did not skip the item.
All work will build on the prior week’s submissions. All work needs to be submitted in APA format. The final project in this course is an APA paper, so you can choose to submit the different installments in APA paper format, or use bulleted lists, the choice is yours.
If you choose bulleted lists, you will need to use all of the data to write your APA paper at the end of the course.
If you choose to write your installments in the APA paper format, you can submit each installment on its own, or build your paper as the installments are completed with easily identifiable sections to assist in locating your data for grading.
All forms of submission require APA in-text citations and an APA References page.
Installment 1 is due in week 2, nothing is submitted this week.
Week 1-2: Please reference the rubric for all assessments to ensure you receive full credit.
Identify and define and identify the community you will be assessing
Discuss the community profile
Discuss the Psychological climate of the community

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