Discuss the role of purveyor’s in implementation science.

Posted: September 22nd, 2022

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Blasé et al. (2012) discuss the role of purveyor’s in implementation science. Purveyor’s aid in assessing readiness for implementation, foster readiness where it is lacking, and provide a range of services to help develop the confidence and competence of practitioners in the implementation of evidence-based practices. Please respond to one of the prompts below based on your experience with implementing an EBP.
Practitioners who have been involved with the implementation of an EBP.
Provide a brief summary of the EBP that your agency implemented. Who led the implementation process? Did you have purveyor’s engaging in the implementation process? Note that your agency may not use this particular term. Do not focus on terminology but rather on the role purveyor’s play. How would you assess your implementation teams work compared to that of purveyor’s as described by Blasé et al.? What are the strengths and/or growth areas you would identify for your implementation team?
Practitioners who have not been involved with the implementation of an EBP.
Reflect on the infrastructure of your agency. If you were to lead the implementation of an EBP in your agency, what resources (i.e., staff, departments, etc.) do you have to fulfill the purveyor role? What would you identify as the strengths and/or challenges your agency would have in executing the purveyor role?
I have attached my reading for this discussion board to help assist in what you write. Also, please note that this needs to be reflective and informative. Please use I when needed. Also, background of what I do is: I am a therapist. I own my own practice and I work in hospitals for senior care. Please make sure everything is met. Also, pick which one you want to use either prompts you to want to use. Thank you!

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