Discuss ways in which you have used feedback from your teacher education program

Posted: December 21st, 2022

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This assessment is specifically designed to further your reflexive praxis on the impact your coursework is having on your professional practice; and to help you establish measurable learning and professional development goals for your future growth as a teacher. In addition, you will begin to anchor your self-examination within the language of the professional teaching standards
InTASC Model Core Teaching StandardsLinks to an external site.
Approved Teacher Practice Rubrics for New York StateLinks to an external site.
Council for Exceptional Children Links to an external site.
Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education FrameworkDownload Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education Framework
The assessment, along with others, is designed to help you to more fully and coherently articulate your professional practice, as related to the college learning outcomes
This 8-10-page paper has two parts: Looking Backward: Reflexive Praxis and Looking Forward: Goal Setting. Support your arguments with references to relevant educational literature that may include course texts.
Looking Backward: Reflexive Praxis
Examine your prior experiences during coursework and their impact on your professional practice (in your classroom(s)). Consider the grade/functional levels and the content/disciplines for which you designed and implemented instruction. Consider the learning outcomes that resulted, the challenges you faced, and your core beliefs about teaching and learning. Afterwards, address the following questions:
Name and describe impact(s) you have had on students’ learning or growth as a result of coursework.
Discuss ways in which you have used feedback from your teacher education program (i.e. instructors/supervisors) to improve your practice.
Identify a minimum of three Candidate Learning Outcomes that you view as your strongest attributes and discuss why. Identify the specific standards and corresponding elements by name.
Reflect on your coursework and program of study. Discuss any areas of concern you might have regarding the development of your ability to meet the needs of diverse learners and explain why.
Looking Forward: Goal Setting include something about being on time because all of my work was handed in late.
For this section you will construct two to three (2-3) professional goals, anchored by your Looking Backwards: Reflexive Praxis exercise. Your goals should address areas of growth that you wish to develop as a result. Each goal should be measurable with a clear outcome (e.g., To move from a primarily lecture style of course instruction to the use of interactive learning in mathematics; To establish ongoing communication with parents/guardians for an 80% homework completion rate in my class; Strengthen my classroom management skills for a decrease in time off task during whole group instruction).
Once you have established clear, measurable goals, enumerate each:
Next, explain how each goal is aligned with a particular Candidate Learning Outcomes. Lastly, establish three to five (3-5) strategies that you will take to fulfill each goal (e.g., Collaboratively design my first two mathematics lessons with Ms. Jones who uses experiential exercises; Construct a take-home instructional guide for each unit that include family activities, reinforcing key unit concepts; Attend the fall Classroom Learning Environment workshop that many student teachers have recommended for better understanding the use of emotional intelligence in the classroom).
You will upload your assignment via the learning management system . Your assignment will be reviewed for its thoroughness of the components listed above, evenly across each: Looking Backwards: Reflexive Praxis; Looking Forward: Goal Setting (e.g., established goals, alignment with the appropriate Candidate Learning Outcomes, and strategies).
APA format 6 citiations

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