Discuss what an Ob/Gyn Desert is?

Posted: July 14th, 2022

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Read the Introduction remarks and answer the following questions. Be sure to document your answers through your citations and be sure to have your reference section. I am interested in your perspectives on the questions but there must be support using your text and 2 outside readings (1 must be academic and 1 may be from a popular source) (400-800 words minimum)
Read the Introduction carefully
Introduction If the fact that the United States has the highest maternal and infant mortality rates among comparable developed countries is not bad enough, the survival rates for African American mothers and their infants are even more dismal.1 (Links to an external site.) African American women across the income spectrum and from all walks of life are dying from preventable pregnancy-related complications at three to four times the rate of non-Hispanic white women,2 (Links to an external site.) while the death rate for black infants is twice that of infants born to non-Hispanic white mothers.3 (“Center for American Progress” by Jamila Taylor, Cristina Novoa, Katie Hamm, and Shilpa Phadke May 2, 2019)

Discuss what an Ob/Gyn Desert is? A full discussion would also include a discussion of a food desert.
Discuss why the training of care providers understanding racism, cultural diversity is important.
Discuss the barriers for mental health for women of color – use an example
How would you provide better data collection to increase equality for women of color or any marginalized population?
Be very specific using your knowledge on how to conduct research. This is just not an opinion but based on data collection methods.

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