Discussed in at least three peer-reviewed journals/references.

Posted: October 21st, 2022

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Term Paper Topic
Please submit your topic typed into the submission box . The contents of your typed submission should include: Organization or Company, Date of Regulatory Infraction(s), Type of issue and Why you chose it. Be sure to demonstrate how this topic meets the term paper topic criteria.
Choose a case study based on the following criteria:
Considered a best practice case study. A major quality or compliance incident was identified and successfully resolved.Note: incidents related to human resources, ethics violations or finances are not considered quality or compliance incidents.
From an industry in healthcare
Issue can be linked to a regulation that has been violated, or a major quality system gap or breach.
Discussed in at least three peer-reviewed journals/references.
Piques your interest.
Within the past five years (unless approved by Professor).
Follow APA format for all written work.
We need to select A major quality or compliance incident that occurred and was identified and successfully resolved.
Anything related to heathcareWe need to select a major helthcare organization or anything that was a compliance issue
Select form any of two
Please take a look at these topics and let me know (by posting as your submission for the topic into the homework assignment) if either are of interest to you:
Valsartan contamination with NDMA
Meridian Medical Technologies, Epipen

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