Discussion #2 – Peter Jones Contains unread posts Peter Jones posted Jan, 2023 1

Posted: January 19th, 2023

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Discussion #2 – Peter Jones
Contains unread posts
Peter Jones posted Jan, 2023 1:00 AMSubscribe
The industry that I have picked is the sports supplements industry. The market for this industry is greatly saturated with competition, but also the same products. I mean literally the same, just different branding. Sports supplements in more detail can be general but in this case I’ll focus on Body Building supplements because personally that is what I myself am interested in. If you look on Google and search “how to get stronger” or “how to get build mass” or “how to get bigger”, the first thing that pops up is usually supplement that you can take to help you get to your goals. When you click you’ll see a bunch of different types of protein sellers as well as other supplements such as Creatine and Pre-Workout. Just like cell phones, we tend to take a liking to a certain brand and we like this brand because sometimes we affiliate ourselves with wat they stand for and what they give back to us. Other times we like them for the quality and quantity proposes. I try and stick with a company that offers both if not I’ll lean towards the quality and quantity side.
Trends tend to grow with sales going crazy around Black Friday and Christmas time. Companies in this industry understand that people will start making New Year’s goals and understand that people want to see improvements and this will buy such products to help them along the way. “GVR (Grand View Research ) also reported that 43.8% of gym-goers rely on dietary supplements. According to dietary supplement industry statistics, the demand for sports supplements in general and bodybuilding supplements, in particular, is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years” (Nutra Science). Pricing around these times can go down cause sales usually double or triple and then go back down later through the year. Some companies can do their own sale through out the year for holidays and what not, but the majority of the industry will see trends rise around the end of the year. Tricarico, V. (2022, March 29). Bodybuilding supplement industry – opportunities and trends. Bodybuilding Supplement Industry – Opportunities and Trends. Retrieved October 27, 2022,

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