Discussion Board Post: The Progressive Era

Posted: July 15th, 2022

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Unit 2 Discussion Board Post: The Progressive Era
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To prepare for this discussion board post, please read Chapter 21 in your textbook, watch the lecture videos “Progressive Era Definition Video Lecture,” “Progressive Focus Video Lecture,” and “Roosevelt and Progressive Era Video Lecture,” and click on and review the sources below.
Progressive Era Sources and ResourcesChild Labor Reform in the Progressive Ear (Links to an external site.)Jane Addams and the Hull House (Links to an external site.)19th Amendment (Links to an external site.)
Once you have reviewed the sources, please answer the following question:  Can there be social reform without government (federal, state, and/or local)?  Explain your position, and be sure to cite at least three historical examples from the Progressive Era as evidence.
To receive full credit for this assignment your post must address the questions asked in the prompt in at least 200 words.  You do need to cite your sources.
Also, don’t forget to reply to a classmate’s post (150 words minimum).

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