Discussion- HIV & Communication Skills

Posted: January 18th, 2023

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 Discussion- HIV & Communication Skills
 Discussion Topic
For this discussion, read the below scenario and answer the following questions:
 Leon is an African American community activist in one of this country’s largest cities. His role has made him very visible and the public watches his every move. When Leon was diagnosed with HIV three months ago he became overwhelmed with thoughts of people in the community finding out and discriminating against him publicly, so he moved to a small rural farming community where his mother lives. Leon felt very depressed and isolated from his life in the big city, so his mother suggested that he visit a peer educator at their local hospital. Reluctantly, Leon agreed and scheduled an appointment. When Leon arrived at his session he was greeted by his peer educator, a short, bald, overweight, older white male. Leon gasped as he followed the peer educator to the private meeting room. 
Discussion Questions: 
How might the Peer Educator address cultural barriers?
How might the Peer Educator address disclosure issues?
What services might the Peer Educator suggest?
At least 250 words. APA Format 


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