Discussion of the objectives

Posted: November 5th, 2022

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The next addition to the PSM Metrics Program is the Metrics Strategy. Here, you want to discuss the goals, objectives and the reasons for selecting the metrics you plan to present as they relate to the strategy behind your proposed Metrics Program. Begin the assignment with a one-paragraph introduction about the Metrics Strategy. An overall metrics strategy, for instance, may include; improving measurement of PSM program effectiveness to provide needed measures to ensure incidents are kept to a minimum so as to restrain costs and enhance stakeholder relations.
This may be a very useful strategy for a large refrigerated storage facility that has had some mishaps in the past couple of years, which ultimately, results in bad press and employees getting sent to the hospital for Ammonia chemical burns. It costs a lot of money to evacuate a facility, and maintaining good standing in the community is very important.
Follow the introduction with the three main sections: goals, objectives, and metrics selection. Once your strategy is complete, you will need to identify goals consistent with your Metrics Program strategy. Make sure you also discuss the rationale for each goal you select as it relates to the overall strategy statement for the Metrics Program. For instance, the goals section should list the goals, and then discuss how each goal is important to the organization and how and why each goal is consistent with the Metrics Program strategy.
One process safety metrics goal with the strategy statement summarized above, for instance, might include; identify overall PSM program costs as compared to benefits. Our metrics, in the present case, would want to focus on measuring the costs and benefits of the various program elements. An objective might be; quantify all outside contractor expenses related to PSM. Another might be: quantify internal labor costs related to PSM program administration. However, it is likely there would have to be quite a few other objectives in order to actually get an estimate of overall costs and benefits for an entire PSM program. This overall effort would be a formidable undertaking.
Finally, identify and describe metrics that would be consistent with your goals and objectives. You had some practice brainstorming some metrics in the previous unit concerning whether the metrics were lagging, leading, outcome, and so on. Here, however, you will need to focus more on your strategy, goals, and objectives to identify appropriate metrics.
Your metrics may be at the overall program level or specific to individual program elements. For instance, if your strategy focuses on reigning in contractors during outages at a large chemical plant, you would want to focus on the contractor requirements of the PSM standard. If your strategy includes a focus on mechanical integrity, you would obviously focus on that part of the standard. Make sure you can measure your objectives. If your strategy focuses more on establishing a facility culture that embraces safety and, more specifically, process safety as a core value, your goals, objectives, and metrics may be more focused on the overall program. This will help reassure top management that commitment, employee involvement, hazard analysis and control, employee training, and other related elements are being measured as they relate to process safety.
As you endeavor to demonstrate how a PSM program is helpful, keep in mind your target audience is skeptical about the value of a PSM program.
This is another piece that will be added to your written document demonstrating how a PSM metrics program is helpful to the organization.
This assignment should meet all of the following criteria:
Introduction to the Metrics Strategy
Goals listed
Discussion of the goals
Objectives listed
Discussion of the objectives
Metrics Selection listed
Discussion of the metrics selection
Also, this should be in APA format, no cover page at this point is required. The reference page is required for any material to include in module reading and/or any other resource(s) that support your objective for this assignment.

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