Do not include an abstract.

Posted: November 13th, 2022

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Using the 5 restaurants researched, document at least 40 unique requirements (total) for the
Systems and Processes. This list will be included in the written paper.
➢ A Requirement is a short, focused, statement that states what the system “must”,
“should” or “can”.
➢ A Requirement is NOT a specification that identifies the exact hardware, software or
service provided (PMI, 2021). Part of this paper is about the Requirement (pre-design)
and not about the exact products that are available.
➢ Sort your requirement list by the system so that requirements are grouped together.
2.0 Propose a hybrid restaurant based on the 5 restaurants you researched and the Requirements that it
should possess. This hybrid restaurant and the updated requirements for this hybrid restaurant will
be included in the written paper.
3.0 Write a 10-page Word document, double-spaced, detailing the 5 restaurants and their Systems and
Processes as well as the Hybrid restaurant and its Systems and Processes. The cover page and
reference page are not included in the 10-page requirement. Do not include an abstract.

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