Do not quote – not even two words.

Posted: November 7th, 2022

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A critical step toward developing a strong summary of the social science research is your ability to review empirical studies, extract key information from the study (i.e., hypotheses, methods, results) and then explain the results of the study so that individuals without a psychology background can understand the study. Objectives: • To gain firsthand experience with psychological research • To experience different types of research designs and methodologies • To develop an understanding of how psychologists carry out research • To gain an appreciation for the science of psychology and law For each review, you will choose ONE article from a predetermined list, and complete a narrative summary of the article that details your summary of key points from the Introduction, Methods and Results sections. The written summary will also include a summary and synthesis of key points from the Discussion section. The goal is not to simply extract text from the article but to succinctly summarize the key elements from within each section such that your review could serve as an expanded abstract of the study documenting what you are identifying as the key features/findings of the article. Each review must be at least three typed double-spaced pages, 12-pt font, Times New Roman. DO NOT QUOTE – not even two words. No quoting whatsoever. There will be a module on Blackboard containing the studies that you can choose to summarize. See below for a guide to these reviews and point breakdown on how these assignments will be graded: Introduction (20 points) • What is the purpose of the article and how or why is the study important and/or relevant to law and psychology (broadly)? • What is the background research that the study is drawing upon? That is, what research/pieces of information are the authors using to justify their study • What are the main study hypotheses and/or research questions? Methods (30 points) • What sample was used and how was the sample obtained? • How many participants were there? • What were the sample characteristics (i.e., demographic info such as age, race/ethnicity, occupation, socioeconomic status)? • What materials were used for the study (i.e., surveys/questionnaires, interviews)? Results (30 points) • What were the key findings for each hypothesis or research question? • What were the statistical numbers? • Were any additional results obtained that were unexpected or contrary to the hypotheses or research questions? Discussion (20 points) • What conclusions did the authors reach regarding the results? • What implications do the study findings have regarding psychology and law/forensic practice? • What limitations are present? • In your own words, what can you conclude from the study and why are the results of this study important to the study of psychological disorders and distress?

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