Do not use any websites associated with the following:

Posted: November 6th, 2022

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Click ‘Fermentation Blog’ to enter the Week 2 Blog Assignment.
For Week 2, write a blog post [website recommendation] on Fermentation.
Part 1: Fermentation Initial Blog Post
Fermentation is an important process in biology. It is also an important process in which many foods we eat and beverages we drink are made. Now that you have had a chance to study the various ways in which fermentation can be used, you will choose a topic from the table below that uses an organism that undergoes fermentation to produce the desired product and discuss. Find a credible and reliable, scientific resource that augments what you have already learned about fermentation and the product it produces and address the following questions.
Which food product did you choose?
What does this process involve (describe the method)?
What types of other foods can be prepared using this method?
What type of organism (living creature) is used for this product of fermentation?
NOTE: Neither open resources nor open blogs can be used as sources of information; see ‘Researching Information’ within the class for more information on appropriate credible/reliable sources of information.
Do not use any websites associated with the following:
Encyclopedia/Wikipedia Articles
Course Descriptions
Sites posted by elementary and high school classes
Sites designed to “sell” you on a religious view, a philosophy or a product
Sites already posted by another student or the instructor. If the root web address is the same, don’t use it. No duplicate websites are permitted.
Share the website with the class by writing a full paragraph summary (150 words minimum) of what you have learned or have found particularly helpful when reviewing the website. Do not copy and paste directly from the website. This blog should be written in your own words. Any content and paraphrased information from the resource (URL) must be properly cited per APA including the specific URL (website) you are recommending. The blog post must be directly posted in the classroom; please do not upload a Word document only. The initial blog post is strongly suggested to be posted by 11:59 p.m. ET Thursday of Week 2.
Part 2: Blog Response Post
Peruse some of the Blog entries made by your fellow classmates. Choose at least one Fermentation blog) that you found useful and comment on how the website helped you with this week’s content. The comment should be 100 words minimum.
For Part 2 – posting the Blog Response Post to a fellow classmate, click the “Week 2 Assignment – Website Recommendation Blog” to enter the assignment. The screen will refresh and on the right side will be a black bar with “Blog details” on it and below that will be your name and a down arrow. Click the arrow and all the people who have posted blog posts will be listed. Read through the post by selecting the fellow student’s name and the screen will refresh – scroll to bottom and on the bottom left will be the student’s blog post. When ready to respond, click “Comment” at the end of the blog post and then a space will open below the blog post you are responding to. When done with the response blog post, click “Add”. Then the response blog post is posted.
Both parts (1 & 2) of the Week 2 Assignment must be posted on separate days. The Week 2 Assignment (both Parts 1 & 2) are due and must be completed by 11:59 p.m. ET Sunday of Week 2.
The Week 2 Assignment – Website Recommendation Blog is worth a potential total maximum of 100 points and there are two components: Part 1: your initial blog post, 150 words minimum, discussing a credible and reliable, scientific website (10 points maximum) that augments what you have already learned about fermentation and the particular product of fermentation. The initial blog post will be scored on topic [product of fermentation] (10 points), grammar and spelling (10 points), content and discussion of the specific product of fermentation (40 points maximum), submitted on a different day than Part 2 (5 points) and meeting the minimum blog post length of 150 words (5 points)
Part 2: response blog post to a fellow classmate and it will be scored on grammar and spelling (2.5 points), content and discussion of what was learned about the product of fermentation from the blog post and resource (15 points maximum) and meeting the minimum blog post length of 100 words (2.5 points maximum).

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