Do not write a program.

Posted: November 4th, 2022

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Write a function to compute the total cost of an order for a luggage shop. Each order should contain the luggage size (‘L’, ‘M’, ‘S’) and the number of luggage ordered for the size. Size ‘L’ luggage costs $154.99, size ‘M’ luggage costs $122.95 and size ‘S’ luggage costs $79.99 each. Naturally the function should take two parameters: a luggage size and the number of luggage. It should compute the total cost (excluding tax) and return it as function value. The total cost must include possible delivery charge as follows: for order of $200 or more: no delivery charge. Otherwise the deliver charge would be $25 added to the total cost.
You need to provide function declaration, function definition and an example of how the function can be called/invoked. Do not write a program. Just a fragment of code.
Lastly, think about efficiency when determining the luggage cost per size.

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