Do some research – get excited about something in the module that you find interesting.

Posted: November 8th, 2022

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This is the place where you access YOUR self-reflection journal. Here you are required to enter a self-reflection for each Module that we cover. There will be six modules in total I recommend that you complete your self-reflection in the week right after we finish each module. I will then provide you marks for each module as completed and that way you can make adjustments, if needed, as you progress. .
What is a self-reflection?
It is in essence where you talk to yourself, in written format and think about what you have learned. Your self-reflection could be where you recognize learning new information and acknowledge how it connects with information that you already had. For instance, if you learned about one of the challenges that can arise in Housekeeping (i.e. bedbugs – see Module One), that might make you reflect on your own experiences living in an apartment building with cockroaches OR working in a hotel where a guest complained about bedbugs OR do some research to find out what is the current way that companies are dealing with bedbugs OR your own experiences when having to address a difficult customer service problems (bedbugs really are a huge customer service AND potential public relations issue when the guest experiences them). Connecting what you’ve learned in this module to things you’ve learned in other courses could also be a way to go.
I am not looking for a huge report for each module.Here’s some ideas to guide you:
Don’t type more than one page double-spaced; if you do, you are taking too much time writing and not enough time thinking. Different people write differently – one person could say in one paragraph what another person needs a page to say.
Only you and I will read your journal, so make it personal, make it relevant to one or two points from the module.
Show me that you understood what is most important in the module with your chosen points – in Module One, the article about Downton Abbey might be fun and interesting but it’s not as important as Bed Bugs, for example, when you’re learning about Housekeeping and Facility management.
Writing style does matter – if I can’t understand the point you are trying to make, that’s a problem. Check your entry for spelling and grammar.
Do some research – get excited about something in the module that you find interesting. Maybe you’ll find some information for your reserch report. And don’t forget to cite any research using APA standards.
I won’t be giving you any samples of a self-reflection – I want you to find your own style, come up with your own ideas – but by submitting your first entry early, you then get feedback from me before you need to write your second entry.

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