Do you adequately address opposing views or incorporate opposing views within your response if appropriate?

Posted: November 19th, 2022

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All content is graded based on 4 criteria:
Formatting (5 points) – the extent to which instructions were followed and answers provided in an easy to grade mannerAre answers and responses sufficiently labeled and easy to distinguish?
Is supporting evidence properly referenced?
Grammar (5 points) – the extent to which something is written with clarity, follows basic rules of sentence structure and punctuation and uses appropriate terms and language relevant to the subject.Does the writing reflect a college-level assignment?
Accuracy (10 points) – the extent to which the answers provided cite the text, videos, or other assigned readings correctly and use them appropriately when necessaryAre answers supported with references to class lectures, readings, videos, or other sources as appropriate?
Are all such references used correctly and referenced appropriately?
Are answers sufficiently detailed and thoroughly addressed?
Quality (10 points) – the extent to which knowledge of the subject is demonstrated through the use of appropriate terms, incorporation of class concepts, critical analysis of answers, and the level of detail provided in each answer.Are all questions within a prompt answered and student responses substantively responded to?
Are all answers substantive in addressing the issue presented and responding to students?
Are appropriate/relevant class concepts/information used in each answer and student response?
This assignment gauges your understanding of government, and is graded primarily on your incorporation of class concepts and supporting evidence regardless of the position taken in answering prompts/responding to students.
Regardless of your position, what concepts/terms/supporting evidence do you believe is relevant in addressing the questions?
Do you adequately address opposing views or incorporate opposing views within your response if appropriate?
If you do not have a concrete answer to the prompt, do you elaborate upon the information you consider relevant to answering the question?
No credit will be given for postings that are disrespectful, inattentive, or otherwise inappropriate.
Postings that are poorly written, insubstantial, or inappropriate will earn no credit (I will notify you via Canvas if this is the case and give you the opportunity to correct it).
Failure to consistently respond to your classmates’ postings will have additional negative effects on your grade.
DISCUSSION PROMPT 6: Since the 1800s, the president’s power has grown at the expense of Congress. Has the executive branch become too strong, or is the executive branch just powerful enough to address the demands of a growing nation? Using examples from the book, which presidential powers, if any, do you believe should be limited? How and why?

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