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Posted: November 21st, 2022

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Summary of the scientific journal article in your own words which explains what the journal article is about. This section should be written so that the reader of your paper does not have to read the journal article to know what it is about. (30 points) Who is the author? And what organization is the author associated with? What are the main ideas/key points? What is the background of the research? Why are they doing this research (Background/Introduction) What are their methods, i.e. what did they do? (Methods) What are their important results? What did they find as a result of this research? (Results) Why do they think these results happened? What do their results indicate for future research/application? (Discussion/Conclusion) Why is the author writing this work? Who is the intended audience? Scholars? General population? How can you tell? In your own words, tell me why you chose the article (did you have a previous experience with the topic? Do you find this topic interesting? Etc.) (10 points) Citation of the source in APA format. (5 points) The answer to the above questions must be in Times New Roman, double spaced, 12-point font with 1-inch margins and a minimum of 500 words. (5 points) Lastly, please do not answer these questions in 1), 2), 3) format. It must be written as a narrative or annotation.Article Search Steps 1) Go to the homepage 2) Click on the Library link at the top of the page 3) Under the Research section at the left, click on ‘Articles – Databases’ 4) Click on the drop down that says ‘All Subjects’, scroll down until you see ‘Health’. Click on it. 5) Choose a database. I prefer EBSCOhost’s Health Sciences Database or ProQuest’s Health Sciences and Nursing Databases 6) Enter a search keyword related to your topic. (You may want to start with a broad search topic and narrow it down depending on how many articles get returned). Ex: Breast Cancer and Exercise 7) On the same page, check the boxes for Full Text and Peer Reviewed (very important!) 8) Click Search 9) Choose an article or repeat your search until you find an article that you understand and interests you 10) Click on PDF Full text to access the full text of the article 11) READ IT (the whole thing) and look up any terms that you don’t understand in the dictionary (or 12) Write your summary! __________________________________________________________________________ 30 pts Full Marks Includes a thorough summary of the article including background/introduction, methodology, results, discussion/conclusion. The author and purpose of article are also included. 10 pts Full Marks Thorough description as to why you chose the article. This section should convey direction and purpose. 10 pts Full Marks Followed all formatting guidelines. Paper is easy to read, contains very few spelling, grammar and sentence structure errors.

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