Do you think the firm’s stock is currently overvalued, undervalued, or fair valued? Why?

Posted: July 1st, 2022

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 This project needs to be completed by thursday 6pm PST. Below is the description and uploaded the doc with same info
Analysis of an Emerging Technology Firm 
Please find a technology firm recently listed in any U.S. stock market, and analyze its values and potentials. The firm you choose must be listed in any U.S. stock market such as NYSE and NASDAQ after January 1, 2020. This is NOT a group project. Please complete this project by yourself. Plagiarism leads to an immediate zero!
(a) The name and symbol ticker of the firm. Was it directly listed or listed via SPAC? The firm you choose can be in any technology fields such as information technology, biomedical technology, aerospace technology, etc.
(b) Explain the technology the firm offers and what this technology can do for clients. 
(c) The strengths and weaknesses of the technology.
(d) Do you think the firm’s stock is currently overvalued, undervalued, or fair valued? Why?
(e) Do you think the firm’s revenues and profits will increase or decrease in 5 years? Why?
(f) Who is the current CEO of this firm? Use about 50 words to describe the CEO’s backgrounds.
(g) If you were the CEO of this firm, what would you do to improve its revenues and profitability?
(e) Excluding figures, data tables, and references, a minimum of 5 page analyses are required. You should use double-space, size 12 Times New Roman fonts in this report. You can cite other industrial report and academic research to support your analysis. If your report doesn’t meet the minimum page requirement, you will lose 10 points for the analysis shortage.  
Please save your analysis into a Word document, and submit it to myLeo Online. Thank you!
Appendix: How to Find an Emerging Tech Firm from the U.S. Stock Market
(1) If you already have a firm in mind, you can analyze it. Make sure the firm is in technology industry (note: any technology), and it went public in the U.S. stock market after January 1, 2020. One purpose of this project is to encourage you to learn new knowledge. Thus, this time limit is set.
(2) If you don’t have a firm in mind, you can search the IPO database on sources such as Yahoo Finance, as shown below:
(2.1) Go to
(2.2) I just choose IPO on 2020 12 16 as an example. You do not need to choose the same day. You can click the “Prev” and “Next” buttons to go through listed companies on each day. You can also set your own date in the Events Calendar to search newly listed companies, as shown below. 
You can take a look at a few different days, and look for the companies that interest you. You can click the company’s symbol, then Yahoo Finance will give you all the fundamentals such as company’s business summaries, income statements, balance sheets, etc. for supporting your answers. As long as you cite the reference sources, the citation does not count as plagiarism.
BTW, it doesn’t hurt to browse a few different companies, as you will learn all kinds of amazing new technologies when you compare the companies. This is one important purpose of this project. Just make sure the company you choose is a tech firm listed in the U.S. stock market after January 1, 2020.

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