Does your company have any allies or enemies that will also be lobbying government?

Posted: June 8th, 2022

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Congratulations, you’ve just been hired by a business to lobby the government. Using the information you’ve learned about lobbying complete the following assignment.
First, choose which company you would like to represent from this recent New York Times article ( pdf version is also attached) about the lobbying efforts underway today. Your options are:
* Meta (
* The banking industry (
* The fossil fuel industry (
* Insurance/healthcare lobby (
All of these companies/industries are currently facing major threats of government intervention for different reasons. You need to identify the issue that poses the biggest threat to the business interests of the company/industry and then develop a plan to lobby government in order to get beneficial policies.
Make sure you answer the following questions while demonstrating you have covered the course materials:
– What is the biggest issue facing the company that is causing the government to consider intervention?
1. Describe the issue briefly and describe actions that the government is considering taking in regards to this issue.
– Develop your own lobbying plan.
1. What is your ideal outcome? Are you looking to compromise or avoid government intervention entirely?
2. Which lobbying tactic(s) are your going to use to get your desired outcome? (ie agenda setting, litigation, grassroots movements, forming coalitions, PACs/SuperPACs, cultivating key relationships) Explain why you chose this path for lobbying. Justify the choice.
3. What resources does the company have that will be a benefit to you as you attempt to lobby government? How will you utilize these resources? Are you utilizing these resources in the most efficient way?
4. Does your company have any allies or enemies that will also be lobbying government? Is there any way that you can team up? Is there any way that you can use this lobbying effort to gain an advantage on the competition?
Remember you are drawing up this plan to support the business you have chosen. Think about what they are hoping to get out of lobbying efforts. Hint: They want to spend as little as possible to get a policy outcome that will help their company remain profitable.

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