Each week, 12.5 million children younger than the age of 5 are in some type of c

Posted: January 3rd, 2023

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Each week, 12.5 million children younger than the age of 5 are in some type of child care arrangement (US Census Bureau, 2014). and each of these program settings differ.
What does it mean to have a high-quality program? Refer to the table on page 57 “High Quality Programs = DAP” [Chapter 2 – page # 19 on PDF Chapter Textbook below]
Using the 10 indicators of quality** criteria as a means of assessment; select an ECE program from the listing provided above on the attached file, “Program Links for Task…..”.
Select one program from those programs listed on the above attachment and follow the program link spending some time navigating the program and looking for evidence of the 10 High Quality Indicators.
Write a 1-page, single-spaced reflection highlighting 3 indicators of quality you found in the program you explored.
Please also reflect upon one quality indicator you did not see.
Based on your assessment, do you feel the program is of high quality?
Why or why not?
1″ margins only at top and bottom of paper
Paper is to be 1-full page, single-spaced
Reference page should be separate [if applicable] in APA format
Key Terms:
• accountability
• alignment
• assessment
• attachment
• comprehensive
• developmentally appropriate practice (DAP)
• educaring
• five key areas kindergarteners
• licensing
• looping
• mixed-age groups
• school readiness
• self-care
Types of Programs:
• Traditional Nursery School
• Preschool
• Head Start
• Universal Pre-Kindergarten or UPK
• Kindergarten
• Center Based: Child Care
• Family Child Care
Examples [for your written task; select and explore one of the programs below]:
Little Lukes http://www.littlelukes.com/ccpreschool.html
Hugs Plus Child Care & Preschool http://www.hugsplus.com/
Canton Day Care Center http://cantondaycarecenter.org/
La Petite Academy http://www.lapetite.com/
Bright Horizons Family Solutions http://www.brighthorizons.com/
Example of Reggio-Inspired Program: http://www.museumofplay.org/education/woodbury-sch…

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