Evaluate the effectiveness of the lecturn.

Posted: July 13th, 2022

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Directions- Good Speech/Bad Speech Evaluations:
Review the assigned clips and evaluate the speaker-what is good/what is bad based on justification from this week’s readings and videos on how to properly execute speeches. Note the habits that you perceive may be a problem personally, or what you find unprofessional, so as to consciously make a decision to avoid them.

To complete the paper you must review at least three of the speeches listed below the instructions:
First, create a header for each video you are evaluating so that it is easy for your instructor to determine that you have completed each part of your assignment. Second, type out two paragraphs for each speech given. The first paragraph should highlight 3-5 compliments, based in research and the second paragraph should highlight 3-5 criticisms/feedback based in research. Links to review are posted below. Note the fundamentals of speech giving (what the speaker did great/wrong) and use APA references to back up the points you are making about the speech. Write about the introduction, body, and conclusion (if available). Note if they followed the correct structuring patterns. Note things that you would improve in their speaking. Notice nervous habits. Give an overall audience impression.

The structure of your paper should include:
Coverpage: Student Name, Course Number, Assignment Name
Body: Should include items listed in directions and intext citations for references used
Reference Page: All citations used in APA format

1. Wedding Part & Toast: How to give a Memorable Wedding Toast (Process Speech)

A memorable wedding toast thanks everyone and praises the bride and groom on their special day. Give a memorable wedding toast with tips from an event coordinator in this free video on wedding planning.
Watch the presenters “How To” speech. Notice presentation flaws and nerveous characteristics. However, also reach to the good information given by the presenter.

2. Top 10 Best Men Funny Wedding Toasts-Joe Reiling, Lindsay Galvin Wedding (Special Occasion Speech)

The original best man toast. Best man and Ben Rieling’s brother Joe give’s a hilarious, great toast…some good tips for someone preparing to give a toast. A must see!! Shot at the Lindsay Galvin wedding.
Watch the presenters “Toast” speech. Notice the presentation flaws and nervous characteristics. After reviewing speech #1 watch the toaster and compare whether the advice was used during this wedding presentation. Note appropriate and inappropriate phrases and audience reactions.

3. JFK Vs. Nixon- the 1960 debates [CC] (Debate/Persuasive/Informational)

Clip from the 1st 1960 presidential debate between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon. Held on September 26, 1960, it was the first presidential debate between two opposing political parties as well as the first one to be televised. Television audiences thought Kennedy won the debate by a landslide, while radio audiences thought Nixon won it by a landslide. Nixon appeared emaciated, unhealthy, and awkward, while Kennedy appeared handsome, tanned and confident.
Watch the presenters “Debate” informational speech. This speech would have been considered more panel/interview debating for the time period. Watch and compare the two presidential candidates. Notice what attributes may have been more appealing to the audience and voters that would have been watching from home.

4. Steve Carell Wins Best Actor-Golden Globes 2006 (Acceptance Speech)

Steve was nominated and won the 2006 Golden Globes for his role in “The Office”.
Watch the presenters “Acceptance” speech. Notice the inspirational ties. Notice the audience reactions. Pay attention the the Intro, Body, and Conclusion of this speech and evaluate whether or not it all “wraps-up”? This speech is noted behind a lectern. Evaluate the effectiveness of the lecturn. Consider whether humor was appropriate.

5. Steve Spielberg Advice-Listen to the Whisper (Motivational)

Steven Speilberg gives his famous speech that is motivational for life.
Watch the presenter’s “motivational speech”. Notice the elements, the tone, the compliments. Reflect on the elements that are needed in an introductory speech and if the speaker complied with those elements. Also watch his fundamentals of speech giving: movement, hand gestures, tone, ect. Determine if storytelling is effective in motivational speeches.

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