Examine applications systematically, analyzing any processes involved.

Posted: July 4th, 2022

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my notes, please write very simply not wordy, write as a student has English as a second language. choose simple ideas and always support what Mandela did. about my role model, in one question you will see later, is my father; he is a leader or has leadership characteristics as brave, patient, wise, kindly. another question about what I can do in the future? it is anything good for immigrants; making sure that they know their rights in education, health, their right in the constitution, and responsibilities. so planing to have a connection with them by meeting them and making them meet with professional people from many fields like law, health, education, and other things.
professor’s instructions:
Write a formal response to questions posed on this module’s required course materials (see file link at the end of this page). Use a formal writing style in which you pay attention to accuracy of writing and logical presentation of ideas and arguments. Write a short paragraph response to each question (a few sentences for section A, a few for section B and. few for section C) guiding you through your response to the required text and movie.
To be successful in this assignment, you need to demonstrate evidence that you are very familiar with the material.
Section A of each question: Cite relevant information addressed in the current module, with at least one quote using APA style citation (MO1, MO3). Here is a sample response to Question 1 Section A, written by a previous student who gave permission to share his example:
1 (A). Mandela’s father was the chief of Mvezo, a traditional position that was bestowed by the king of the Thembu tribe (Mandela, 1995) and was also ratified in his position by the ruling British government, which came with several benefits (Mandela, 1995). And since the Xhosa are patrilineal, with Mandela’s family line being of the Left Hand House, this meant that his father was an adviser to the rulers of the tribe. He later goes on to say this about his father, “In later years, I discovered that my father was not only an adviser to kings but a kingmaker” (Mandela, 1995, p. 5), thus signifying his importance to the people of Mvezo and of the Xhosa on a larger scale.
Section B of each question: To be successful in this assignment, you need to demonstrate the following:
In a short paragraph, analyze and think critically about any ideas related to your selected quote(s). You may add more quotes to explain further, or simply paraphrase. Be sure to comment regarding your views of any meanings behind or further details on what was happening in the matter being addressed (MO1, MO3)
Section C of each question: To be successful in this assignment, you need to demonstrate the following:
In a short paragraph, apply ideas to different settings, particularly in self-reflecting on your own experiences. These will sometimes relate specifically to leadership, and other times to broader life experiences. Leadership is considered in a much broader sense than having an official title or position and pertains to any leadership occurring within one’s day-to-day life experiences. (MO2, MO3)
Examine applications systematically, analyzing any processes involved. (MO2, MO3)
Conclude logical extrapolations from any evidence/details in your application of ideas. (MO2, MO3)
Submission Instructions:
When referring to the materials, cite in APA style, including the name of the author(s)/director(s)/producer(s) and the year date of the publication of the materials. When quoting, the page number or relevant specific minute/second should be identified and included in the citation, based on the extract provided. Example of APA citation style for written publication: (Mandela, 2013, p. 44). Example of APA citation style for a film publication: (Attenborough, 2009, 00:12:34). Note that the numbers after the date pertain to the hour, minute and second when the quote begins. In the case of my own instructor videos, use this format for citation: (Woodward, 2007, 00:01:55)
I uploaded the questions with the sources. so the sources are the questions, the documentary which I send only the transcript of the movie for privacy, and Mandela’s book.

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