Examine the APA Code of Ethics.

Posted: July 4th, 2022

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Examine the APA Code of Ethics. After reviewing these principles, write a response paper addressing the following questions:
Does the APA Code of Ethics align with the principles of compassion we have studied and discussed in this course? Why or why not?
Provide at least three specific examples cited from the Code of Ethics that you can connect to concepts of compassion training as discussed in our text (Nolasco & MacDonald, 2016). Chapters 1-5 only
What is an example of a scenario in which the Code of Ethics and a common understanding of compassion might not necessarily align? How would you address this scenario?
Identify Scripture that connects to the principles in the Code of Ethics to provide a biblical perspective. NASB translation only, please
Your submission should be two to three pages in length and should cite the Code of Ethics, course text, and relevant Scripture.

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