Posted: November 10th, 2022

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CRITICAL ANALYSIS: Based upon your research and personal perspective:
Was former President Donald Trump a Charismatic Leader? Transformational Leader? Both? Why or why not? Explain. Examples? Illustrations?
Did Former President Trump exhibit and/or demonstrate characteristics of the “dark side” of Charismatic Leadership? Examples? Illustrations?
Similarities and differences among Jim Jones and Father Divine? Examples/illustrations?
Thinking & Inquiry
All questions were clearly and thoroughly answered. Clearly identifies relevant key terms/principles/theories and/or concepts in the research assignment.
Some questions were answered clearly and thoroughly answered. Some moral principles and theories identified and clearly defined. Point of View / Decision Making
Conclusions and interpretations are stated but are not linked to the information presented and do not directly address the identified issues.
The decision is based only on some of the information presented and does not directly address the identified issues.
Communication / Mechanics APA
No spelling or grammatical errors.
Some spelling or grammatical errors detract from clarity and/or logical flow.
Total: 30

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