Explain how Special Interests may influence public policy in our state.

Posted: January 9th, 2023

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Rational individuals act on behalf of self-interest. That is one of the basic premises behind rational choice theory. If you were hungry, for example you would do whatever it took to gather enough food in order to survive. This would entail buying food or finding some means of employment in order to earn enough money to purchase food. If one could not find a job, they may even have to resort to begging or even crime to acquire sustenance.
We are taking rational choice or self-interest to another level. Students are to define Special Interests as it pertains to common interests possessed by a group of individuals that make up a unit. The “Spheres of Influence” is a good example. What exactly are Special Interests? How do they influence public policy? Is it your opinion that organized Special Interests are detrimental or beneficial? What are the biggest and most powerful Special Interests in California? What does their power consist of and how do they operate? NOTE: Give some thought to this assignment before embarking on your journey. Be sure to reference your readings if you feel stuck.


Define what makes up Special Interests. What types of power do they possess? Which are the most powerful in California? How do they operate in our society? How do these groups attract supporters? Why do some people willingly partner with Special Interests? Do these groups act to further elite or mass goals?
Explain how Special Interests may influence public policy in our state. Do these groups also depend on mass public support? Explain how these groups acquire power.
Is it your opinion that Special Interests play a beneficial or detrimental role in California? Explain your case by providing examples of various Special Interests that operate in our state. The following are a good example of Special Interests operating in our state: agriculture; media; gambling; refineries; real estate, environmental (conservation); and education.

TYPED! Three pages (coversheet not included). NOTE: You can type till your heart’s content.
The paper should have 1-inch margins with a font size of 11 or 12 and be double-spaced.
Written well in your own words.
Papers must be submitted according to the posted due date on the course calendar.
Send via Canvas!
PAPER LAYOUT: Students should organize their papers in the following manner:
Coversheet: Paper title, name, class, section number, e-mail address and instructor’s name.
Introduction: Begin your paper with an introduction that tells the reader how your paper is going to be laid out. Never assume the reader already knows about the subject you are writing about. Tell the reader (Dr. T) what you are writing about all while thinking about the following phrase “Here is the path I’m taking you down and here is why!”
Body: This is the “guts” of your paper.

The last section of your paper should contain a bibliography of reference materials used for this paper. There are various style formats available for use, including APA, Chicago, etc. Students need only to utilize the suggested style when listing their resource materials.

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