Explain how the Internet has impacted terrorism.

Posted: July 15th, 2022

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READING ASSIGNMENT #2 (CHAPTER 4: Terrorism and the Media); Chapter 5 • Force Multipliers, Gender Roles, and Tactics & Chapter 6 • Long-Term Separatist Terrorism
Assignment Type: Canvas
Due Date: July 10, 2022
Possible Points: 100
Duration: 4-6 Hours
Deliverable Length: 5 pages
1.   Explain how the Internet has impacted terrorism.
2.   Define the new media environment and describe the characteristics of the new media.
3.   Define force multipliers and list and describe four force multipliers.
4.   Define the types of threats posed by technological terrorism.
5.  Summarize theories of suicide bombing.
6.  Describe the emergence of the modern IRA and terrorism in Northern Ireland.  
7.   Summarize the birth, evolution, and rise of the ETA, the GAL, and the LTTE.

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