Explain the benefit of a tool like Eportfolio regarding your own professional demonstration of knowledge

Posted: July 13th, 2022

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As you discuss what your future post doctorate vision looks like today, know it can continue to change and grow as you do.
There are many personal assessments available—such as Myers-Briggs, Strength Finders, and more—that you can draw from to learn more about your personality and the type of work toward which you might gravitate. There is also an abundance of available research you can conduct on professional organizations that you might want to join or follow. Additionally, you might want to analyze the organizations you are most interested in working for and see how your personal values connect with their organizational values. Also, it can be helpful to consider people you look up to in the profession—role models, mentors, and established social work professionals—to discover the work experiences that led them to obtaining their career aspirations.
Whichever route you choose to inform how you cultivate your future vision for yourself as a post doctorate social work professional, it can be helpful to be aware of the unique set of circumstances, aptitudes, strengths, and abilities that contribute to your identity.
In this Discussion, you will examine your future post doctorate professional vision.
To Prepare
Use the Learning Resources and your own research to answer the Discussion prompts.
For this Discussion, feel free to look for a broad range of sources, from articles to personal assessments to websites to podcasts, etc.
Day 4
Post your responses to the following:
Do you see yourself in a supervisory or an administrative/leadership role . . . or both?
Explain what is motivating you toward one or the other or both?
Identify which work environment you anticipate/are considering post doctorate—a leadership role in a practice environment, faculty at a university, or something else.
Describe how you perceive your role in that environment.
Explain if you are considering leadership and a practice setting post doctorate or if you have interest in adjunction at a university.
Identify the research topics you need to better examine to determine which professional direction you might pursue post doctorate?
Identify two helpful resources regarding your future doctoral pursuits and describe how these resources are helpful in making decisions about future pursuits.
Be sure APA references are present for all resources, with active hyperlinks, so your peers can access them easily.
Explain the benefit of a tool like Eportfolio regarding your own professional demonstration of knowledge and skills; identify what you would include in your Eportfolio.
Support your statements with scholarly research and adhere to the most recent version of APA citations

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