Explain the benefits of value-based care for patients and populations.

Posted: July 4th, 2022

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A. Create a multimedia presentation, including presenter notes for each slide, to inform key stakeholders about value-based care and present elements of an action plan.
Note: Presenter notes must be included for each slide to fully cover the level of explanation, analysis, and discussion necessary.
1. Provide an introduction (suggested length of 3–4 slides) to value-based care by doing the following:
a. Describe the elements of a value-based healthcare framework.
b. Explain the benefits of value-based care for patients and populations.
c. Describe the rationale for implementing value-based care in a healthcare organization.
2. Identify (suggested length 1–2 slides) a nursing role, using the “WGU Nursing Programs Conceptual Model” web link as a guide.
a. Describe how the advanced professional nurse could facilitate the implementation of value-based care within the role identified.
3. Summarize (suggested length of 5–6 slides) evidence relevant to the topic of value-based healthcare from five peer-reviewed scholarly sources published within the past five years.
4. Describe (suggested length of 2–3 slides) two strategies to implement value-based healthcare, or if the organization has already implemented it, describe two strategies that were used.
a. Identify key stakeholders for each strategy.
b. Describe the role of each stakeholder for each strategy.
c. Describe specific methods to measure the effectiveness of each strategy.
5. Using the “Value-Based Nursing Care Readiness Assessment” completed in your CPE (see the attached document), discuss (suggested length of 4–7 slides) the organization’s readiness for change by doing the following:
a. Summarize each assessment area in the readiness assessment:
• defined need
• readiness for change
• leadership and management support
• time, resources, and personnel
• sustainment of the change
b. Discuss two organizational strengths.
c. Discuss two organizational opportunities for improvement.
d. Analyze your organization’s level of readiness to implement value-based care based on its readiness score.
e. Provide the completed “Value-Based Nursing Care Readiness Assessment” from your CPE.
Note: This should be an exact copy of your previously submitted readiness assessment. This is for evaluator reference.
B. Incorporate the following components of APA style and formatting in your presentation:
• bias-free language
• APA-specific rules regarding verb tense, voice, and perspective
• a title page and headers
• in-text citations and references
• APA-specific formatting rules for margins, spacing, numbering, and indentation for the title page and main body of your paper, including headers, bulleted and numbered lists, and tables and figures
C. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.
I have included the template and example to follow

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