Explain the purpose of the ethics committee

Posted: January 6th, 2023

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Assignment Prompt: An ethics committee serves as a hospital resource for patients, families, and staff, offering objective counsel when dealing with difficult healthcare issues and decisions. Examine the role and purpose of an ethics committee in a healthcare environment.
You recently accepted a position as the chief operating officer of a brand new 25-bed critical access hospital. One of your first priorities is to establish an ethics committee. The chief executive officer has asked you to brief the executive leadership team on the following:
Explain the purpose of the ethics committee
Suggest how the hospital’s ethics committee should be structured
Describe the functions of an ethics committee
Discuss the consultative and educational roles of the ethics committee
Highlight the ever-expanding role of ethics committees, including internal operational issues and external influences that affect internal operations.
Keep your audience in mind as you construct your presentation. Your audience is the executive leadership team of a hospital. Your presentation should be professional and free of any spelling, grammatical, and mechanical errors and you should be articulate in your narration.
Your presentation/slide show should contain at least eight (8) slides, not including the title and reference slides. You are required to provide narration for each slide

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