Explain why you answered the way you did.

Posted: November 19th, 2022

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Attached is a case study also given at the end of Chapter 4 of your textbook. Read the case study carefully, trying to put yourself into the shoes of either Adam or Sarah. Consider all three genetic disorders, their symptoms, their severity, how likely each is to inherit, etc. Then answer the three questions at the end of the case study, following my guidelines below. This assignment involves both writing skills and pedigree analysis skills.
For question 1: For the first question make sure you include Punnett square(s) and the math to determine the answer (Use whatever letters you’d like in your Punnett Squares, I used C and c for the cancer allele, and H or h for the heart disease allele.). You could either do 2 Punnett squares separately and then multiply the chance of each disease together OR combine the alleles into one Punnett square to determine the answer. If you need help, come to office hours.
Are these good odds? Explain why you answered the way you did.
For question 2: Write a well-written, thoughtful paragraph to answer these questions. Make sure you explain why you said yes or no to the two questions. It should contain no spelling or grammar errors, no run-on sentences, and make sense to the reader. Many of you struggle with these writing skills, so make sure you have someone else (a tutor, a friend, a family member) read your essay before you turn it in. (This answer is your opinion and you will not be graded on your opinion. I respect your right to feel the way that you do.)
For question 3: Again, in a well-written paragraph, answer each question here separately, supporting each answer with the chances of having a child in each situation.

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