Explain your role, time spent, skills obtained along the way, and why you ended your employment.

Posted: November 26th, 2022

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1.When I think about portfolios, I think about how I want to represent myself to the employer and make a great impression. Although I have been an LVN for the past 3 ½ years, I often think about what I can contribute now being a new RN. The most crucial topic that comes to mind in my portfolio is a great resume and cover letter. A summary stands out and allows the employer to follow your work journey. Explain your role, time spent, skills obtained along the way, and why you ended your employment.
The length of time you stay on the job is essential because it shows that you were there for a duration and you were very committed to the task at hand. Skills are vital because employers see you are knowledgeable about your acquired talent. Location is another topic for a portfolio because of the miles a person is willing to travel or has traveled. Attendance plays a part in interviewing for a job, or an interviewer can ask about the times a person has been late for the past year. Knowing the company and doing a little background before interviewing with the hospital or facility. The employer looks at this as very interesting because you took the time to research the company and why you want to work for them. And becoming a significant aspect and team player. What will work for the company, and can they see you being with them for a long time?
A cover letter should summarize who you are, how long you’ve been a nurse or a graduate nurse, what skills you incorporate, and what you will bring to the company. Education and Certifications are another big part of the portfolio because when a person finishes their education, companies frown upon certain schools based on past reputation and certifications a student picked up along their nursing journey. In nursing school in California, I took a certification class on ventilators. When I finished the program, I took two more IV and wound care certifications as I waited on my ATT letter. I wanted to prepare myself for a job once I passed my Nclex. I feel it’s always good to be markable, even as a new RN graduate; an employer will see your determination, willingness, proactivity, and passion; coming in as a new nurse and providing your clinical skills shows that you’re ready for the real world.
2.According to (www.pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nlm.nih.gov), A professional portfolio is a collection of carefully selected material that document the nurses’ competencies. It illustrates the expertise of the nurse. Portfolios are developed over time, providing a way to monitor the nurse’s professional development. A well-developed portfolio chronological, visual representation of a nurse’s professional growth. This portfolio does not replace a nurse’s curriculum or resume. It is the supporting documentation that validates what is stated the portfolio 
To create a portfolio, I understand that keeping an accurate account and up-to-date record of my journey is vital.
 Once I begin creating my portfolio, I understand that it summarizes my education, licensure, and employment history. My portfolio will be easy to develop in the beginning because my healthcare career has consisted of smooth transitions and job longevity. The categories I will use to build my portfolio are my education, license, specialty certificates, and cards with renewal dates. I will add any letters of recommendation that I have acquired and any professional awards. Nursing portfolios are used in place of face-to-face interactions to understand the person submitting the portfolio. There are two types of portfolios; best work and growth and development. Documents for nursing professionals are selected based on the intended uses for the portfolios.
The portfolio of my choice would be electronic. Electronic portfolios are straightforward to access in this day and age. Also, by using an electronic portfolio, I will be able to keep up with the upcoming technology for the future. It may be an easier transition if or when I need to update it. I can maintain my professional portfolio to reflect the development of knowledge and skills that I have acquired over time. I can also present evidence of competencies that will allow me to market myself when I apply for different career ladder positions or new job opportunities that I seek. The advantages and significance of the professional nursing portfolios os to provide sufficient information about me. This involves the best understanding of the scope of practice, education, and evaluations about me.

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