Explore the phenomenon of playing Indian in two texts.

Posted: June 9th, 2022

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in this short paper, I need to Choose one of the following questions, and two of the texts studied throughout the course, as they appear on the course website, and write a comparative composition that focuses on the relation between the chosen works. Formulate clear and persuasive claims, start the essay with an introductory paragraph, and end it with a conclusion I’m only to use the texts that are attached there’s no need to relate or read the whole novel. here are the questions the prof provided me to choose one from you may choose the one you like to write about and tell me your choice: 1. Many literary works we have read throughout the course explore the tension between Native American absence from political, socio-economic, legal, or other discourses, and the “Indian’s” presence as a major image in American culture. Discuss this tension in two of the works we have studied. 2. Some Native American authors resist the tendency to read Native American literature as a representation of an authentic experience. Explore this notion in two works. 3. Explore the phenomenon of playing Indian in two texts. again chose 2 from the texts I provided as they are with no need to relate to the whole novel or text just the few pages that are provided and one question from the 3 mentioned before just be sure to tell me which ones you choose

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