Factors that influence substance abuse among teenagers.

Posted: September 15th, 2022

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 TOPIC:  Factors that influence substance abuse among teenagers. 
Students will submit a “Project Design Action Plan” written assignment here, worth 10% of the overall course grade. A template for this Project Design Action Plan assignment is located here and a template for the accompanying Gantt chart (Links to an external site.) is also linked. For this submission, you’ll submit the completed template AND a project management tool (Gantt chart or alternative). 
This template describes in detail the process each student will follow in order to complete their action plan which outlines their individualized plan for the final project for this course. The final project is the culmination of your undergraduate journey, bringing together your prior educational experiences with your present foci and future plans. This Project Design Action Plan should include a Project Overview, Connection to GEP program or other coursework, Short & Long-term Goals, Integrative-Learning Plan, Social Change Connection, and Project Management tool (Gantt chart or alternative) breaking down the project elements and assigning dates for completion. 
The final project will be a research p…. unless the student proposes another format within this Project Design Action Plan, and the instructor agrees as part of the assignment grading.  Other options for the final project include a research website, presentation, video, creative work, or another format. Regardless of the project format, the same requirements for Project Design apply, and all projects will include a written component.  For example, if a student wants to create a video, the final submission must include a complete script or supplementary research document since students are being evaluated on written communication in addition to the content of their submission.
The instructor will use the following criteria to grade the Project Design Action Plan assignment:
25%: Overview & GEP Connection. Is the overview clear as to the research question or planned project development? Does the student make integrative connections between the project and their GEP program or other University coursework?
25%. Goals & Integrative Learning Plan. Does the assignment include specific short and long-term goals, linking them to the project and future professional and civic goals, and identify how and where the students will gather this research?
25%. Social Change Connection.  Is there a solid, well-developed plan for sharing research findings to a diverse audience outside our IDS 4939 community? 
25%. Project Management Phased completion plan. Does the assignment include a specific and realistic schedule for work on the project through the proper use of a Gantt chart or alternative project management tool? If this is not a research p…, does the plan include the critical tasks needed to create the project? 

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