Finding Health Information 1. Using the Kim et al. article from Unit 1: Read th

Posted: January 24th, 2023

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Finding Health Information
1. Using the Kim et al. article from Unit 1: Read this Next, pick a topic from Table 1: Research Topics Across Time (Screen shot is attached)
2. Pose a “communication question” about one of those topics. Your question might start off with something like “What are effective communication strategies for communicating with communities/individuals/families/friends about (insert topic here)?
3. You will need to construct a list of 10 sources of information that you would consult first to help you answer that question. I will be asking for specific sources, so pay close attention to what comes next:
4 of your sources should come from the Health Communication journals that are listed in the “Read This First” section of Unit 1. You can find information about these journals through the Jackson Library, as well as through the websites for the individuals journals (note: you will only be able to download journal articles through the Jackson Library – there is a paywall if you try to access articles directly through the website. The Unit 1 Activities will help you navigate the Jackson Library to find primary sources). As a quick reminder, here’s that list again…
The Journal of Health Communication
Health Communication
American Journal of Public Health
Qualitative Health Research
Journal of Medical Internet Research
Journal of Communication in Healthcare
Journal of Applied Communication Research
3 of your sources should come from health agencies/organizations that are linked to a government or policy initiative. Several key organizations are listed in Chapter 1 of the du Pre text, as well as the Read this First and Read this Third sections for Unit 1. As a quick reminder, here are just a few of the organizations you might consult:The National Institutes of Health
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration
The National Cancer Institute
U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
National Networks of Libraries of Medicine
Your final 3 sources can come from popular media. BUT THERE’S A CATCH!! Your articles must come from a reputable source that publishes journalistic news articles. In other words, do NOT include an opinion piece or editorial and do NOT include a simple link to a website. If you need some help evaluating sources, here is some helpful information about source credibility and media bias: Some possible sources of good health information might include:The Associated Press (also, many AP articles are re-printed in other media outlets. Those articles will always be credited to the “Associated Press” and can usually be trusted as credible and reputable)
The Guardian
The Lancet
The Economist
Kaiser Health News
4. After you have found your articles, construct a list of those 10 references using APA style. Categorize the references based on the following categories: Journal Articles, Health Agency Sources, and Popular Articles.
5. Under each reference, provide a 1-2 sentence statement as to why you would include the article/source as part of your research into your chosen topic.

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