For our final major assignment, we’re going to change gears and develop an argum

Posted: December 4th, 2022

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For our final major assignment, we’re going to change gears and develop an argument on how writing skills and written communications will be useful in your future. I want you to answer this question: Do you still need writing? It’s your decision how to interpret that. Some common ways to interpret the question are to consider the following angles:
Career: Should you be using writing in your future career? Is there a better way?
Societal: Should we change the ways we communicate, as a society?
Personal: Should writing continue to be a relevant part of your life?
Academic: Should we keep using writing in schools?
Focus on just one of those four angles, rather than trying to cover all four in your paper.
Research Component
You’re going to need to find your own original source material — you are required to synthesize two outside sources, found by you, that help defend your position. This will require outside research on your part: You will use material you’ve discovered independently, without my direct intervention.
Please note that this essay can incorporate personal experience. it’s not necessary for you to ignore personal experience; on the contrary, you should blend personal experience and sentiment with the source material to create a persuasive argument. Please make sure that your personal experiences are relevant to your overall argument.
So remember: This assignment requires at least two documented sources (PRIMARY, SECONDARY, or TERTIARY).
Restricted Source Material: You are forbidden from just using reference material (dictionaries, encyclopedias, Wikipedia,, or other reference sites). You are forbidden from using personal interviews. Any web sites used must meet the standards of academic rigor, meaning that a scholar would approve of the use of the site. We will discuss how to evaluate source material in class. Use of forbidden sources will result in an automatic “F” on the assignment.
Students may use the following: articles from a Valencia database, books from the library, blogs from noted professionals in the field, professional web sites, reputable organizational web sites, academic web sites, government web sites, and professional journals.
We will be using MLA documentation (in-text parenthetical citations and a works cited page) for this essay. You will be required to include end-text documentation in this paper (a Works Cited page). Make sure that you adjust appropriately to MLA format for this assignment.

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