For this assignment, you will construct a three-generation Education/Career genogram

Posted: July 20th, 2022

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Genogram Project
For this assignment, you will construct a three-generation Education/Career genogram. Typically, this includes your grandparents and your parents or care-givers, along with your own generation. Include as many members of each generation as possible including additional individuals that were a significant part of your life growing up. A genogram is a diagrammatic representation of your family’s intergenerational systems which may include family rules (overt and covert), myths, legends, experiences, and events that have had some impact on you as a person. Please remember to practice self-care when new or unexpected emotions arise as they could in this assignment.
An education/career genogram is designed to help you understand your educational and occupational background. Exploring your family history may help you to gain insight into your own current perspectives on both educational and career goals. Genograms can help us identify patters or themes and can be powerful tools for expanding self-awareness.
Read the article on Genograms before beginning this assignment. You may use Figure 2 in the article as a guide to create the structure of the genogram. Complete this assignment by following the steps below and submit this document to Blackboard. Be sure to submit your assignment as one document.
Part 1—Create Genogram
Select a format to create this document. You may use a Word document, a pdf, a PowerPoint, or another application you prefer, keeping in mind this must be submitted as one document with Part II. Create your genogram following the illustration provided in the article accompanying this assignment. Remember to include the following for each family member:
• occupation(s) and work settings
• education level achieved and grade level or major for current students
• special skills or training including military service
Part II—Written Reflection
Reflect on the information included in your genogram. Construct an essay (2 page miniumum) in which you describe your experience of creating the genogram and then address the following in an APA style paper in narrative format (not bullets or lists):

• What patterns of occupations/skills/attitudes/education did you see? Reflect on how they may have occurred.
• Where patterns different for males and females? Explain.
• Reflect on the history of career development and the American labor market from Week 1. Discuss any trends/patterns you see in your family and any parallels to the history of career development or labor market trends.
• How do your education/career aspirations align with your family history in these areas?
• What surprises did you discover?
• Identify a specific counseling setting and describe the potential benefits or problems of using a genogram with a client in that setting.
Suggested Outline:
I. Experience constructing genogram
II. Patterns
a. Family occupation/skill/education trends
b. Male/female patterns
c. Relation to career development history and American labor market
III. Personal reflection
a. Alignment with family history
b. Surprises
IV. Application to counseling

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