For this assignment, you will: Read the passage (below) from your textbook. Thin

Posted: January 14th, 2023

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For this assignment, you will:
Read the passage (below) from your textbook.
Think about the main ideas contained in the passage.
Make a list of four (4) main ideas contained in the passage.
In your own words, summarize the main ideas in paragraph form with a minimum of four (4) complete sentences.
Do not quote directly from the passage.
Textbook Passage:
Paul Pedersen (1990, 1991), a leading multicultural psychologist, proposed that multiculturalism is the fourth force in psychology. What does he mean? In psychology, the term force is used to describe a theory that has a huge influence on the field and precipitates a paradigm shift, or major change, in the way people think about human behavior.
The notion that multiculturalism is the fourth force suggests that this perspective will have just as big an impact on the field of psychology as the first threeforces—psychoanalysis, behaviorism, and humanism (Table 1.2). Pedersen (1990, 1991) does not see multiculturalism as replacing the other three theories, but as adding a fourth dimension to psychology to supplement and, ideally, to strengthen the other three. According to Pedersen, labeling multiculturalism the fourth force “explores the possibility that we are moving toward a generic theory of multiculturalism that recognizes the
psychological consequences of each cultural context, where each behavior has been learned and is displayed . . . and calls attention to the way in which a culture-centered perspective has changed the way we look at psychology across fields andtheories” (1999, p. xxii).
In other words, calling multiculturalism the fourth force challenges us to acknowledge that (a) all behavior occurs in and is impacted by a cultural context; (b) until recently, this fact has virtually been ignored by the field; and (c) once we understand the nature and contribution of culture, this understanding will dramatically alter and expand the way we study and understand behavior. Pedersen and other multicultural psychologists believe it is no longer possible for psychologists to ignore their own culture or the cultures of their clients and research participants. A multicultural perspective makes our understanding of human behavior more clear and meaningful, rather than more obscure and awkward. According to Pedersen (1999), “The main goal of [multicultural psychology] is to convince general psychology that culture is an important contributor to the development of human behavior, and to our understanding and study of it” (p. 6). Thus, identifying multiculturalism as the fourth force in psychology attempts to place it at the center of the field.
Summarize this paragraph in your own words and include the following reference citation for your textbook below your summary:
Mio, J. f., Barker, L. A., Domenech Rodriguez, M. M., & Gonzalez, J. (2020). Multicultural psychology: Understanding our diverse communities (5th ed.). Oxford University Press.
Incorporate all main ideas into your own words.
Use appropriate APA placement and style for in-text citations and the reference.
Complete your work in a Microsoft Word document

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